How to avoid plugin interference on your site

In today´s article, we will introduce you to a common problem that you might face when owning a WordPress site. During your time of owning and working on your site, you have probably used plugins. Plugins are a great thing and can help you in almost every aspect of your site´s functionality and can also add some cool features. But no matter how useful they are, overcrowding your site with too many plugins can make your site break or even lead up to some additional problems. Before getting any kind of plugin, you want to make sure if it is compatible with the rest of your plugins and that it would not be too much for your site to take in. specific plugins can not only crash your site but also overload your server and seriously slow down your site. There are many steps to follow before deciding on installing a plugin. The most common thing that a plugin can affect is the speed, so before installing it, check the size of your plugin and make sure it does not take too much space. The speed of the site is crucial to SEO and the user experience itself. Even though plugins can be helpful, they can also contain code that can be malicious, so downloading them from sources that are not validated brings even greater risk.

Saying all of this, we would like to introduce you to a tool, which can take care of all the risks we have mentioned above – meet the WordPress Reset plugin.  This tool is really useful, and we would like to shortly present a few of its features relevant to our today´s topic.

The first feature it offers is the ability to back in time, not literally, of course, but if you download the newest version of a plugin and then suddenly realize it is not your cup of tea and want to go back, it allows you just that. Only one click with this tool goes a long way. With a click, you can also reinstall all of your plugins and themes in a collection after resetting your site. The recovery tool allows you to recover all of your information if you have accidentally made a mistake causing a white screen. Any unnecessary demo data, which is causing your site to slow down, can also be dealt with a click. We would also like to mention the so-called Nuclear reset, which does precisely what its name implies. If you want all of your files and information to go, this is the tool for you. The white label option allows you to hide the WebFactory´s logos and the license info as well. You can control all of your sites, licenses, snapshots, and more from a single location, making it less complicated for you to access. After each more significant adjustment/change, WP Reset creates snapshots, making sure nothing goes unsaved, and you always have a point to restart from.

All of these snapshots get saved and stored onto the Cloud managed by the WP Reset team, or you can choose your own service like Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive.

When it comes to pricing, they offer three plans. They cost $39/year, $79/year, and $149/year.


If you have the trouble of your plugins interfering with each other or simply slowing your site down, you can give this tool a go.

We hope you have found this article helpful and that we have helped you with any problem you might have.